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he look good on everything dont him? 8D


^ this guy up there is cute too. 8D
ahh im so lucky to have such a handsome guy to admire.lol

(thanks geng for showing me your 'calendar girl' pose ;D )
^ this guy keep making me nervous.dayyum i have to put him in the Top 5!

Mr. Jackie,thank you for sitting in the middle of Kyu and Geng.That means more pic of Kyu when people is actually taking your pics.

Kyu you're so handsome relaxing like that.
But the clothes doesn't suit you.
Uhh but if Pepsi bring you guys to M'sia,
I dont care. :D
even if you only use a blue 'cawat' with Pepsi logo on it.


to: Yuri onni,Sunny onni,Seohyun onni,Jessica onni..

mianhe..i really love you guys but..
my beloved boys is put into a battle with you guys.
since love to boys is more important,
i'll vote for them.
i believe you girls have many fans,
so,me not voting is not a problem.
i'll accept the result no matter who lose and who win.
can't wait to listen to SNSD new songs

loves, S♡NE

to: Kyu oppa,Teuk oppa,Donghae oppa,Hyuk oppa,Siwon oppa,Sungmin oppa..

I can't wait for SJ new songs. 8D
i havent spend my money coz i want to save up for Sorry Sorry repackage album
i believe it will be a hit like Sorry Sorry! ;D
Take care~

loves, E.L.F.
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